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wooden Role Play
wooden Role Play
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  • To make yourToddler playground more attractive, you need some new and interactive games which can help kids develop their ability.
  • Improve child's concentration
  • Promote the interest of children to explore
  • Through this kaledoiscope, can improve the attention of children
  • Helps develop the intelligence of children Can be given as a gift to relatives and friends
  • Enhance children creative skills and imagination skills ( children can play with 4 different adorable animal riding the train)
  • Enhance children motor skills , color and shape recognition 
  • Enhance children counting skills ( counting no of animal passenger from the train)
  • Can train children patient as children can play this train for hourly(loads and uploads the animals) and pretends to steer the train
  • Enhance children creative and imagination skills 
  • Enhance children social and emotional skills (group playing)
  • Enhance children motor skills 



  • It stimulates children to develop their imagination can act as children pretend role play items and  It stimulates children to fine motor skill
  • It stimulates child develops his imagination and Motricity and space orientation and exercises 
  • Can play as pretend play this encourange creative and imagination skills 
  • Can enhance children social and emotion skills (group playing)
  • Sturdy wooden construction


  • Can stimulation Wooden Sticky Fruits Vegetables Play Food Cutting Kitchen Toys Pretend Play
  • Made of safe and environmental materials, round edge design will provide maximum security for your kids
  • Sticky design for cutting, bright colors and simulation shape design
  • Spur imagination & creation, promote hands & eyes coordination, fine motor skills, and visual development-color shape cognition
  • Enhance children social and emotional skills 
  • Enhance children motor skills 
  • Enhance children visual skills 
  • Enhance children creative skills
  • Can enhance children imagination , creativity skills ( role play)
  • Can enhance children motor skills ( fine motor skills , cutiing skills )
  • Can enhance children visual skills ( focusing skills , hand -eye coordination)
  • Can enhance children social and emotion skills ( children can learn sharing while playing )
  • Can enhance children fruits shape recognition
  • can enhance children imagination and creative skills, can  act as role play toys
  •  Enhance  children motor skills , hand- eye coordination
  • Safe Material ,non-toxic and tasteless, harmless to body health..
  • can change into wooden robot or a wooden car 
  • Vivid Color - can attract children's attention improve the ability to distinguish 
  • Allow creative imagination and creative growth
  • Promotes hobby and also appreciation towards arts and figures
  • Enhance Creative and imagination skills 
  • Enhance children social and emotion skills
  • Enhance children cretivity and imagination skills 
  • Role Play items 
  • Enhance children social and emotion Skills (group playing)
  • Multi-level parking garage with 3 floors full of fun and games.
  • Inspires imaginative play, creativity & fine motor skills. 
  • Enhance children social and emotion skills (group learning and playing)
  • Suitable for kindergarten , nursery , home use as role play toys 
  • 100% FSC certificate Beech
  • Encourage children to learn the story of baby Jesus and the care and consideration he taught includes baby Jesus Angel Gabriel, Mary, Joseph, three Wisemen, shepherds, sheep, camels, bull and donkey
  • Enhance children imagination and creative skills 
  • Enhance children social and emotion skills ( Group playing )
  • Enhance children creativity skills
  • Enhance children social and emotion skills ( can play as group playing)
  • Suitable for schools , kindergarten, drama studio , children area
  • Enhance children social and emotion skills
  • Enhance children hand -eye coordination ,motor skills
  • Enhance children visual skills
  • Can play as pretend play toys