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A hula hoop is a toy hoop that is twirled around the waist , limbs or neck


All the developments and designs of our products are based on the conception: Love for kids. We always believe that parents with compony, encouragement, care are the best teachers for children during their childhood. Therefore, our products aim at bridging the gap between parents for children,which creates a harmonious and relaxing atmosphere for a family.

What's more, we realize that the best thing for children's mind is practice as well as creativity.its is known that interest is developed in practical experience an dthe ability of cooperations and communications is improved through the interaction with other. In this case, we hope that children will learn for fun, during which they can overcome some problems such as lack of hand skills and the like, getting rid of the addiction to electronics. Meanwhile, they are capable to thin independently, as well as confiendence.

Here we developed the scince series to improve children's ability of cooperations and communications in practice. This series is designed for children to develop interest in science, to gain the knowledge of science, and to explore the unknown.

We expect that more and more families who purchase and use our products will affect their children by improving their children's creativity to enchance their knowledge od science.

Make and erupt a giant volcano in 20 minutes,compound dries in 15 mins


Make and erupt a giant volcano in 20 minutes,compound dries in 15 mins

Item size: 28.5x24x10cm



This product is train children on gross motor skills and balancing. 

We have 4 colors ( red , blue, yellow, green) teacher can group children in different color team.