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a) Sudoku Games

  • 4 Grids Sudoku
  • 6 Grids Sudoku
  • 9 Grids Sudoku
  • Diagonal Sudoku
  • Window Sudoku

b) Double Player's Battle Game

  • Red & Black Chess
  • can enhance children creativity it can build Flower's Art Workshop
  • also include educational Game
  • can be play as sequence
  • Can play as logic and fun puzzles
  • Can used as group playing ( Competition)
  • can be play as geometric modules and sequence
  • Can play as logic and fun puzzles
  • Can enhance children logical thinking ( 3D dimension concept)
  • Rainbow bridge + k cube can be play as geometric modules and sequence could improve children 's sense of order and rational thinking
  • Can play as logic and fun puzzles( there are many different blocks matching way to fill in one pattern.
  • This will help children to get a thinking that one problem can be solved by multiple solutions
  • Can it play as Creative Tangram - Rainbow bridge + k cube have 4 educational elements(planar game , 3D games, logical reasoning, sense of order)
  • Rainbow bridge + k cube this is a perfect combination between traditional building blocks and soft cubes.

Crazy mable can create block maze & design the maze based on 6 Educational Game themes (Dragon Body Code, Strategy Sliding Chess, Train Tracks Linking Game , Track Sudoku, Road strategy ,Coordinated Track challenges)

  • Enhance children creativity
  • Enhance children mathematic skills