Wooden Activity Toys
Wooden Activity Toys
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-All round animal chips are flipped over and placed on the table. Every player takes one habitat card on which the shadows of various animals are shown.

-The player whose turn it is turns an animals chip over: if the animals can be assigned to plyer’s own habitat, it is placed on his or her card. If this is not the case, the chip is flipped back over.

-The first player to complete his or her card wins the game!



●  4 habitat cards

●  24 game chips



All game pieces and discs are placed in the middle of the table. At the beginning, the discs are not owned by any players, because they will not be assigned until the last color-matching game piece has been placed on them.


- The first player rolls the dice and places the game piece on a blank space of any disc of the matching color. If the dice shows the color white, the player’s turn is over. If the dice shows the multi-colored field, any color game piece may be selected and set. During a turn, you always want to try to complete a disc.


- The goal is to win as many discs as possible to build a tall tower because: the person who builds the tallest tower wins!




● 1 colored dice


● 8 discs


● 24 colorful game pieces


All game materials are placed on the table. You can choose to play with one dice or two.

-Now the game principle is to be determined: each player either stacks his or her own tower or a joint tower is built.

-The player whose turn it is rolls the dice and takes a game piece that matches the dice in color and number (if there is no matching game piece, it is the next player’s turn)

Game principle1: building together

-The game piece is placed in the middle of the table and the other players stack their pieces on it throughput the game so that a single tower is built.

-The player who makes the tower fall loses the game.

Games priciple2: building alone

-The player places the game piece in front of him/her and then tries to stack other game pieces on top of it.

-The game end when a player makes his or her tower fall: the player who has the highest tower still standing wins the game!


Marine animal Maze

It can enhance children motor skills, creativity skills, imagination skills , shape sorter, color recognzing

  • Simulation Wooden Sticky Fruits Vegetables Play Food Cutting Kitchen Toys Pretend Play
  • Package includes 10pcs fruits and vegetables, 1 chopping board, 1 cutter, 1 wooden box, and 1 pare tool
  • Made of safe and environmental materials, round edge design will provide maximum security for your kids
  • Sticky design for cutting, bright colors and simulation shape design
  • Spur imagination & creation, promote hands & eyes coordination, fine motor skills, and visual development-color shape cognition

Wooden Four bear Charging cloth include of papa bear, mama bear, baby bear and bear sister can let baby according to jigsaw puzzle of groove any with clothes, helps bear dress up . It is enhance children hand eye coordination ability and resolutin ability. 

  • With various kinds of colours
  • Promote interest among children towards music
  • Smooth edge, safe enough for children
  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • This harmonica has 16 hole with two rows
  • 13CM X 2.6CM X 13CM
  • Allow creative imagination and creative growth
  • Promotes hobby and also appreciation towards arts and figures

Wooden Tool box is made by wood and include of wooden tool box , wooden nails, screws, nuts and bolts, ruller, seesaw, hammer. 

It can helps children motor skills, creativity skills