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Gross Motor Skills
Gross Motor Skills
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  • Enhance children their brain, eyes, hands in all aspects of sensory sensitivity and coordination ability.
  • Animal Pounding bus can have a variety of functions and so many features at the same time.
  • Enhance children visual skills ( hand -eye coordination and focusing skills)



  • A set of 12pcs ( 4 colours)
  •  Can enhance children hand -eye coordination , balancing skills by throwing and grabbing 
  •  Suitable for kindergarten , schools , and children outdoor or indoor activity used.
  •   Suitable for schools, kindergarten , childcare sports day
  • Improves self esteem
  • Improves self confidence
  • Develop motor skills and coordination
  • Body awareness
  • Team building
  • Peer relationships
  • Better concentration
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Improves core strength
  • Tones stomach, arms, thighs and buttock
  • Low impact ,high energy workout
  • Enhance children gross motor skills (can used as jump, walk)
  • Suitable for kindergarten , schools, children activities , sport day , concert, own use

It is an ideal gift for your children. Playing soccer develops coordination,motor skills and promotes an active lifestyle.

  • Enhance children hand -eye coordination skills ( they can learn to do balancing )
  • Can strengthen and tighten your physique.
  • It can be used for low-back and abdominalexercise.
  • It also can be used for yoga and pilates.
  • Suitable for schools, kindergarten , therapy center, home use, yoga or sport activities


  • Helps you to give your muscles and trigger points a deep massage.
  • Can help in  relaxing  your muscles (feet, back, legs, etc.) after sports
  • Small and easy to slip into your bag, this ball is the perfect tool for an effective massage.
  • The campact design easy to carry around
  • Suitable for schools , hospitals, therapy center or own use
  •  For Cheering  leading metallic streamers with handle
  • Good for fancy dress costume parties, Halloween, Cheering, cheer leading or any other party, concerts, anniversary celebration, wedding , sports, games , opening ceremony, all kinds of festivals
  • Easy to handle and hold by kids 
  • We have multi colours 
  • Enhance children Gross and motor skills 
  • Develop creative skills


  • enhance children gross motor skills, visual skills 
  • Enhance children gross motor skill ( balancing skills)
  • Enhance children hand -eye coordiantion skills 
  • Enhance children social and emotion skills 
  • Suitable for kindergarten , schools. sport day, children activities
  • Enhance children gross motor skills 
  • Enhance children social and emotion skills (group playing)
  • Enhance children gross motor skills 
  • Enhance children social and emotion skills (group playing)
  • Can enhance children gross motor skills as kids enjoy rolling, catching , kicking , dribbling, and tossing a ball- an inexpensive , readily available and versatile toy. Playing with balls
  • Can enhance children social and emotion skills ( can play in group or individual)
  • Suitable for schools , kindergarten , own use
  • Enhance children gross motor skills
  • Suitable for kindergarten, school, centers, and home use
  • Color: Blue
  • Safety: The trampoline frame is a conformable structure that is spring-reinforced and durable.
  •  A protective plaque on the edge of the trampoline to prevent unfortunate scratches when jumping.
  • Foot cover: There are 6 non-slip rubber sleeves on the bottom of the bracket. The pair is stable and non-slip, protecting the bottom plate.
  • Load-bearing: The maximum load capacity is 100 kg, which is not easy to wear, resists bending and has high torsional strength.
  • Suitable for kid and adult