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Rainbow Tower

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Brand: Lafonis
Product Code: 71000058
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Price: RM18.90
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- This product is suitable for child age 3+

Features & Benefits

- Train hand and eyes coordination

- Improve colour recognization

- Enhance focus

- Learn to sort


Fine motor skills 

Require movement of small muscles, usually in coordination with the eyes, but also include movements of the tongue and lips, wriggling of the toes and foot-eye coordination.

They are often for communication purposes, both functional and expressive, e.g. writing, manipulating tools or creating works of art.

Between the ages of 3 and 5 children usually make rapid progress in developing fine motor skills and manual dexterity.

Creative development

• imagination
• originality (the ability to come up with ideas and products that are new and unusual) 
• productivity (the ability to generate a variety of different ideas through divergent thinking) 
• problem solving (application of knowledge and imagination to a given situation)
• the ability to produce an outcome of value and worth. 

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