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Mini Maze

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Brand: Lafonis
Product Code: 70000120
Availability: In Stock
Price: RM19.90
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This product is suitable for child age 6 months+

Features & Benefits

- Attractive & shiny colours

- Promote child's hand and eyes coordination

- Easy to carry

- L:11cm X W:11cm X H:14cm


Fine motor skills

Require movement of small muscles, usually in coordination with the eyes, but also include movements of the tongue and lips, wriggling of the toes and foot-eye coordination.

Visual perception

Visual perception refers to information that is perceived through the eyes.

Although most children develop the ability to focus visually and to make fine discriminations in visual images as they grow, some children will take longer to develop these skills and may need some additional help, or additional practice.

Good visual perception is an important skill. Children need to good visual perception to discriminate well, develop visual memory of things observed, develop good eye-hand coordination and integrate visual information.

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